Ja Rule Reportedly Smacks A Fan In The Face For Slinging A Beer Can At His Head

Ja Rule isn’t here for a disrespectful audience.

During a recent performance at the Harrah’s Pool After Dark party in Atlantic City, a fan flung a beer can at the rapper’s head. Rule was performing the hit song “New York” while the unfortunate incident took place.

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But you can bet for sure however, Ja took matters into his own hands. He demanded the music to come to a halt, and asked the crowd: “Who threw that?” Afterwards, he offered $1,000 to the audience if they told him who the culprit was. Eventually, he smacked the individual, who was then taken out by security.

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Welp, now you know never to try Ja Rule because there will be repercussions. Watch the clip of the incident below.

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