James Blake Sings Frank Ocean’s Praises And Discusses Details About His Album

The elusive Frank Ocean was one of the writers on James Blake’s newly-released third studio album, The Colour In Everything, and the British musician spoke to Pitchfork to provide us mere mortals with information on the duo produces, and also insight on the whereabouts of the Odd Future member’s second studio album.

Blake, who often produces alone, said he began working with other musicians because of Ocean.

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“…his process, the way he writes, the strength of what he does, who he is. We became very good friends,” he said of the Channel Orange musician. He also acknowledged he learned to lose a bit of control when he produced for Frank.

“…It’s the first lesson in producing, to let go,” he noted. “Frank’s vision was the only thing that mattered, at the end of the day. If the tables were turned, and Frank were to have a particular opinion about my music, I would take it into consideration, but it’s about my gut feeling as well. But learning from that made me want to work with other people on my own projects.”

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When it comes to Ocean’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Blake said he believes it will be worth the wait for fans. Frank’s last album was released in 2012, and although he’s hopped on many other albums and tracks within the last few years, when it comes to his own music, we’re left in the dark.

“It may be subject to change. He is onto something, he really is.”