Junglepussy To Perform At The Broad’s “Callings Out of Context” Music Series

Jamaican-Trinidadian rapper Junglepussy is heading to The Broad next week to take part in a very special presentation of art and genre-bending music, something the Brooklyn native has mastered over the years.

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The “Pop For You” artist along with Dan Deacon will perform for The Broad’s experimental pop music series, Callings Out of Context, on May 12 in Los Angeles. Inspired by the Arthur Russell song of the same name, the series will explore artists who project their personal touch of culture into their respective genres. For Junglepussy, this isn’t a hard feat due to her flavorful raps on her debut album, Pregnant Success, where her ode to mothers also gives a new view on the hierarchy that resides in the cycle of black love.

The series also introduces Ted Hearne and Brandon Stosuy as curators to the series.

Junglepussy took a trip to The Broad, looking over works of art by Jeff Koons and Jean Paul Baptiste.

Take a look at how the artist interpreted the legendary pieces below and cop your tickets for the show here.

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