Kanye West Discusses ‘Pablo’ And A Possible Tour On ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show’

Kanye West surprisingly called in to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on Tuesday (May 3) to discuss The Life Of Pablo, an upcoming tour, his childhood and fashion.

“You know my tour game is strong,” Yeezy mentioned during the 20-minute interview. He’s hoping to go on tour by at least September. “We’re working on ideas. I’m trying to inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me.”

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West also discussed one of the possible reasons he has public outbursts- it’s because he’s trying to give his fans something of an extremely high caliber. This urge to succeed may have began when he was in fifth grade. He was getting higher test grades than other students due to being homeschooled for a year by his mother while they lived in China.

“That [being advanced] let me know I had been being taught at a level that I wasn’t reaching my full potential, I wasn’t thinking to my maximum potential,” he explained.  “…That’s kind of been the story ever since, anytime y’all ever heard me scream or jump up and down it was because I wanted to bring people something to a higher potential than what the powers that control the money, the image, media and perception wanted me to.”

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After being asked how his magnetic song “Ultralight Beam” came about, West detailed the meeting between him, Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price.

“Man…I mean, we were just blessed to be in the room at the right time when the ultralight beam just came through us,” Kanye said, elated.  “I can’t explain it in notes…I can only explain that feeling…When Kirk’s choir opened up at the end, and we exposed those thousand people, I think that was a little moment of possibility that I was able to express.”

Lastly, fans who are interested in his Yeezy Season 3 line but don’t want to break the bank, Kanye is listening and is trying to change things.

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“Mark my words, mark my words, I’m coming for their neck,” he noted. “I’m about to drop these prices in a way that I can connect to the Kanye that I was when I was 14 years old and my mom could barely afford it…beauty, color, proportion, shape, that’s important, man. There’s more colors that are important than just green!”

Listen to the full interview below.