Watch Kendrick Lamar Sing Along To “Controlla” And “Work”

In case you thought there was some underlying rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, think again. The Compton MC is actually a fan. Kendrick hilariously sang along to Drake’s “Controlla” during his ride into work.

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In a short clip that’s been tossed around on Twitter, Kendrick is seen driving on a suburban road. Although the lens focuses on the street ahead, the “Alright” rapper is heard singing the chorus to Drake’s, “Controlla.”

While Kendrick’s just getting into the groove of the song, the radio station switches it up to another Drake collab with Rihanna, “Work.” The rapper also goes in on the chorus, singing along with Rih Rih.

K.Dot enthusiastically substituted Rihanna’s lyrics singing, “I’m going to work work work.” Unfortunately, the camera didn’t capture Kendrick’s dance moves, but the singing was funny enough.

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In the past, Drake and Kendrick have gone back and forth on some of their tracks. Kendrick infamously called out Drake on “Control.” And Drizzy also reportedly hit back with his single “Used To.” But that might be a thing of the past now.

Check out Kendrick rock to “Controlla” and “Work” on the road.