Kids Reading Love Letters To Their Incarcerated Moms Will Break Your Heart

With over 2 million people in the U.S. federal and state prisons, a large amount include women who had children prior to their incarceration. Children’s advocacy group Hour Children teamed up with Google and other criminal justice reform groups to help present letters from teens and children to their mothers this Mother’s Day.

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The group who works to ensure healthy relationships for formerly incarcerated moms and their children created “Love Letters” videos to bring awareness to children who are greatly affected by the criminal justice system. Directed by Paola Mendoza, the children tell their mothers about their difficulties as well as their fond memories with their moms.

Before bursting into tears, Aliyah Smith explained how much she missed her mother and her changing behavior in school. Studies have also shown children of incarcerated parents face problems in school and could later face other issues like divorce and abuse as adults.

The series was also produced by Ebony Underwood and executively produced by activist Michael Skolnik.

Watch more heartfelt letters from children and activists Rosario Dawson and Hill Harper below. To find out more about the “Love Letters” series, check out the Hour Children’s YouTube page here.

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