KRS-One Issues A Lengthy Statement Clarifying His Defense Of Afrika Bambaataa

KRS-One found himself in a bit a controversy late last week when the hip-hop legend was accused of saying he doesn’t care if Afrika Bambaataa molested kids. The alarming statement caused many to raise their eyebrows in shock as several men have all come forward accusing the “Planet Rock” artist of abuse.

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To combat what KRS is claiming are false assumptions based off what was said, the 50 year old wrote a lengthy post on his blog in which he says he does care about the well being of young people, but won’t abandon a friend based purely off of “gossip”

.Of course, I care if a young person is being abused or even neglected, my entire life is based upon the protection and further development of young people; I teach and inspire young people every day! But, as you can see, irresponsible headlines like “KRS-One Doesn’t Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids”, and trying to turn a funny song I did years ago into some kind of question regarding my character is precisely the type of sensationalist gossip which I really don’t give a f–k about! Let us have Focus And Ignore These Haters. I said then as I am saying right now, it is not that I don’t care at all about the accusations made against Afrika Bambaataa; I am saddened at the whole controversy and how it is being handled. It is not that I don’t care, it is more the fact that I don’t gossip, I don’t take sides in real disputes that don’t concern me, I don’t slander people’s names and I don’t believe in abandoning your friends when they may be accused of crimes or make mistakes in life. What is so confusing about that?

Back in March Ronald Savage, a former member of the Zulu Nation, spoke exclusively with The New York Daily News about his relationship with the 57 year old hip-hop pioneer, which started off as monitorship and later escalated into abuse. A week later, three other men also came forward accusing the hip-hop pioneer of abuse.

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KRS-One continues by saying he won’t give any time to the “slander and disrespect” being issued towards Bambaataa, and insists the conversation needs to shift.

“Instead of using one’s mind and time to gossip about Afrika Bambaataa, I think we should look closely at what it means to hate. There is no forgiveness, justice or healing on any level when hate is involved. Hate is also a federal crime, as well as a spiritual disease. There is no victory with hate, and hate is what is leading the charge against Afrika Bambaataa; not justice or even healing or reconciliation.”

To read KRS-One’s full statement, CLICK HERE.