Lauryn Hill Pens Open Letter, Says She Has To “Align Her Energy With The Time”


Lauryn Hill received the ire of the Internet Saturday when the music icon reportedly arrived to an Atlanta show nearly two hours late and performed a 30 minute set before her mic was cut off.

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Fans were mighty upset with the former Fugee, and proceeded to drag her over the coals on Twitter.

Hill, unwilling to let the negative comments continue,took to Facebook Sunday (May 8) to post an open letter explaining her side of the story, and says she has nothing but love and respect for her fans, the challenge is “aligning my energy with the time.”

Hill’s Facebook post received a little less than 1,100 shares however, despite the eloquent verbiage, many simply weren’t buying it.

“Funny how people are just eating this up and providing excuses for her. Did you buy a ticket to the show? I LOVE me some Fugees and the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill but I’m not buying the fancy words and trying to finesse her way out of this,” A Facebook user who goes by the name Tigress Smith said. “She may have done shows over limit but she’s notorious for being late to shows and hit and miss with her performances. If her “energy” is not consistent then guess what…how about you take time to get yourself right until it’s consistent to where people PAY and show up to see you and expect you to perform! I pray that you get better and not just as a performer/celeb but with your life sweetie!”

Another Facebook user, Andrea Key, piggy-backed off of Smith’s comments adding a bit of “real world” perspective to the conversation.

“Sorry, I’m not buying it. She’s consistently late or a no-show. My time is just as valuable as hers. I wish I could consistently show up to work late and still have my job support me.”

Well then.