Here’s A First Look At Mariah Carey’s Upcoming E! Docu-Series

Mariah Carey’s storied career is certainly one to marvel when discussing music’s greatest vocalists. Countless awards, chart toppers, and critically-acclaimed albums make up a significant percentage of what makes Carey such a revered singer. But with a forthcoming series, it’ll show fans a different side of the diva that transcends outside the music.

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Premiering on E! in the near future, Mariah’s World plans to take viewers on an 8-part journey into the life of the New York native like we’ve never seen before. The cameras will follow her from the red carpet to the stage where she dodges rumors of her now public relationship to making sure the wheels continue to turn while she’s on tour.

“Forget the image, forget the rumors. I owe this to the fans,” she says in the promo.

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View the trailer below.

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