#FreeTroy: Meek Mill Comes To Troy Ave’s Defense

Troy Ave is one of the key players involved in a deadly shooting that took place at a T.I. concert at NYC’s Irving Plaza on May 25. He plead not guilty and is being held without bail upon his release from the hospital, where he’s been since accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Hip hoppers such as Slim Thug have blasted the Brooklyn MC for his actions at the venue. He was caught on tape shooting a gun, and as a result, three others were shot and one person was pronounced dead. There is one person, however, who is on Troy’s side- Meek Mill.

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The rapper who is currently on house arrest, posted an Instagram picture of Troy being wheeled out of a building with his leg wrapped up. From then on, he wrote about how he feels the rapper is a victim of the system of law enforcement and used the hashtag, #FreeTroy.

“The laws they made ain’t designed to protect us!” the Philly rapper wrote. “”They like get killed or get a 100 years” Don’t let the press “gas” you to go against ya own people! Because if that was a cop Tryna protect his life the police force gone stand behind them 100%.”Pic look crazy” #freetroy & never let these “bum a** nobody “sucka” crab in the barrel dudes pull you down! Most of the time it’s all for attention…. that’s all these bustas be wanting forreal!”

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