Producer Menace Says UK Grime Scene Influenced “Panda” Sound, Not Future


Since you’re bound to hear Desiigner’s “Panda” and Future’s “Commas” respectively this summer, there’s a slight chance you may mistake one for the other. Have no fear, “Panda” producer Menace is here to debunk the ongoing accusations that he stole the sound from the Atlanta rapper.

During an interview, the producer, real name Adnan Khan, explained the songs aren’t related. In fact, his inspiration came from the well known UK grime scene.

“That situation was dealt with my own team and obviously, we got professionals listening to the beat and there are no similarities,” he said.

“The situation” the 23-year-old is referring to is the accusation he received from Jermaine Dupri who claimed both tracks were oddly similar to one another. He even played them for the Twitterverse in April.

“Because in the song ‘F–k Up Some Commas,’ the main sound is a piano, where as mine is a synth sound, and mine keeps going where as ‘F–k Up Some Commas’ goes and stops,” he explained. “And my drums as well; that’s the main difference you can tell, my drums are more hard-knocking than ‘F–k Up Some Commas.”

The conversation began after Desiigner’s “Panda” was sampled on The Life of Pablo’s, “Father Strech My Hands Pt. 2.”  Many were shocked to find it was the Brooklyn rapper  instead of Future Hendrix. While the convo has died down, Menace’s popularity is steadily rising, leading to his explanation of the track.

“Obviously, when you have people saying ‘Oh yeah, the beats sound the same,’ I was like ‘kinda, yeah’ but that’s one opinion; respect everyone’s opinion,” he said. “The influence was from grime. Grime is the UK scene. And grime is an energetic type of form of music that can be 140 BPM but an explode-in-your-face’ type of music.”

This doesn’t exactly explain why he named the beat “Meek Mill-Ace Hood Type Beat” when he posted it to YouTube in 2014. Meanwhile, the producer says he’s been working with T-Pain, Lil Wayne and French Montana from across the pond.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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