Michael Jordan Isn’t A Fan Of The Michael Jordan Crying Meme

The now infamous Michael Jordan crying meme has become a go to when needing to express just how robust one’s disappointment actually is. The multipurpose meme can be used in just about any situation. Everything from sports, to entertainment, or even fashion. (cough Ezekiel Elliott) Yet, despite the good ‘ol laugh the Internet has, it appears as if His Airness just isn’t a fan anymore.

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“Nah, he don’t like it,” Charles Oakley, former member of the Chicago Bulls said. While the six-time NBA champ previously said he thinks it’s funny as long as no one attempts to profit from it, according to Oakley, the joke has run its course with MJ.

The crying meme was originally photographed in 2009 when Jordan was inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame. Overcome with emotion, MJ didn’t hold back and ugly cried. The vulnerable moment, which should’ve been treated as such, has now become a tool we laugh at while laughing at others.

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Gotta love the Internet.