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New Jersey Mother With Seven Kids Wins $429.6 Million Jackpot

This is really great. 

A little extra cash never hurt anyone. But New Jersey's Pearlie Smith's "extra cash" has come in the form of $429. 6 million, which she intends to split with her seven children.

The family was identified this weekend as the Powerball jackpot winners and says the winning numbers came to them from God.

"We had divine intervention,"  Valerie Arthur, the oldest said. "That's the only way you can explain how the numbers were chosen. It was through a dream."

Arthur said she was taken back when she and the rest of the family realized they won, and even more shocked when they learned they were the only winners. The Smiths says they're bracing themselves for "family members" to come out the shadows now that news has broke of their good fortune.

"In about an hour, everybody is going to come out of the woodwork," Arthur, who recently retired as a prison administrator said. "I know everybody in the Department of Corrections will be calling me."

Now that the family is half a billion dollars richer, they plan on paying off mortgages, student loans and putting their money to good use in the Trenton community.

Back in January, America was in frenzy trying their luck to win the $1.6 billion jackpot. Despite the chance being 1 in 292.2 million, one woman in Tennessee alleges to have spent all her money, so much so she ended up being homeless and asked the kind Samaritans of the world to spot her a few buck for her Powerball reimbursement Go Fund Me page. Needless to say, that didn't go too well.

However, Pearlie Smith, 70, purchased her winning ticket at a nearby Trenton, N.J. 7-Eleven fair and square, and now gets to enjoy her twilight years with a little "extra cash" in her pocket.

Congrats to the family.

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Man Caught With $34,000 Worth Of Cocaine Under His Toupee

A Colombian man thought outside of the box when he taped $34,000 worth of cocaine to his head and hid it under his wig. The man, who authorities have not yet identified, almost pulled a fast one until authorities at Barcelona Internation Airport noticed

Dubbed "Operation Toupee." officers reportedly found "a perfectly sealed package taped to his head” because the hairpiece was "disproportionate size.”

"There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls,” police said in a statement.

While attempting to smuggle cocaine under a wig may be a first, men and women acting on behalf of a larger drug trafficking ring is as old as time. According to The New York Post, cops in Barcelona stopped a man who had cocaine taped to his stomach, and it was then he confessed to swallowing 35 condoms filled with the drug.

Other bizarre drug smuggling hideaways have included a woman's breast implants, a hollowed-out pineapple, a wheelchair cushion and a plaster cast on a man’s leg.

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Justice Department Will Not Charge Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

The day before the five year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death, it was reported by multiple outlets that a federal prosecutor would not charge the police officer responsible for his death.

Per USA Today, The Justice Department will not bring federal charges against Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who held Garner in a chokehold outside of a store in Staten Island in an attempt to arrest him for allegedly selling cigarettes. Garner’s last words “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“In 2017, the city's Civilian Complaints Review Board determined that Pantaleo used excessive force,” USA Today reports. “Federal authorities have been conducting a separate, years-long civil rights inquiry into Garner's death. Pantaleo also is awaiting a verdict in a NYPD disciplinary proceeding.”

During Pantaleo’s trial this past May, Stuart London– the police union lawyer who represented the officer– argued that Mr. Garner died from being “morbidly obese.”

“Those who have been able to not come to a rushed judgment, but have looked at the video in explicit detail, see Pantaleo’s intent and objective was to take him down pursuant to how he was taught by NYPD, control him when they got on the ground, and then have him cuffed,”  London said in an interview with the New York Times. “There was never any intent for him to exert pressure on his neck and choke him out the way the case has been portrayed.”

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Charlottesville Killer Receives Life Sentence Plus 419 Years

James Alex Fields Jr will spend the rest of his life behind bars for driving his car into a crowd of counter-protestors in Charlottesville, Va., which injured many and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

According to reports, Judge Richard Moore sentenced the 22-year-old white supremacist to life in prison plus 419 years. Fields, who reportedly had a picture of Adolf Hitler framed by his bed, drove from Ohio to attend the 2017 Unite The Right Rally with fellow racists and neo-Nazi's to protest the removal of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee statue.

The event also drew Heyer and other counter-protestors who marched against white nationalism. The violence forced local authorities to declare an unlawful assembly and begin the process of demobilizing everyone. Later on the same day, Fields drove his car into a crowd killing Heyer and hurting others.

The event caused already bubbling racial tensions in America to spill over when during a press conference Donald Trump blamed "both sides" for the turmoil.

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