What If Nia Long Had To Pick Between J. Cole, Drake And Kendrick Lamar


We can’t even begin to count the number of rappers who have name dropped celebs on songs as an attempt to gain their attention. However, J Cole’s Nia Long shoutout on his 2014 album Forrest Hills still comes up in Internet conversation.

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On the track “No Role Modelz,” Cole raps “My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet’/My only regret was too young for Nia Long.” Now we know the Roc Nation rapper wasn’t shooting his shot, but the line still caught the attention of Ms. Long.

“He thinks he’s too young for me but he’s really not,” Nia Long told VIBE about J. Cole in a recent interview. “He should never underestimate the power of being young, rich, and a successful [rapper].”

She also told Larry King something very similar in a new viral video clip. But what if she had to pick between J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar?

“J. Cole for sure,” says Nia when asked to select beween Cole and Drizzy. “I mean I like Drake but… I’m just leave my answer there.” And we couldn’t help but throw one more name in the mix, “Now see, if you throw Kendrick Lamar in there… I’m a still pick J. Cole,” she continued.

Now be clear, the debate is strictly about their musical abilities, so drop those dirty thoughts.

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Nia Long.

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