Students Who Cut Class To Head To The Beach Caught By NYPD Upon Arrival


Given the summer-like temperature on Wednesday (May 25), a group of students decided to loll outside of the classroom and indulge in the sun’s rays at the beach. But the NYPD decided to rain on those kids’ parade when they were caught by truancy officers upon their near arrival to Queens’ Rockaway Beach.

According to DNA Info, seven NYPD school safety vans were parked at the entrance of the Joseph P. Addabbo Bridge, and halted Q52 and Q53 buses to make sure students weren’t onboard since school is still in session.

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In a statement issued by NYPD officials, “Students that are picked up are either taken to their school if the school is located nearby or they are taken to one of five truancy intake sites throughout the city. From those truancy locations the students are returned to their school.”

There’s no confirmed number on how many students were sent back to school, but DNA reports that no less than seven students were caught.

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