NYPD Destroys Dirt Bikes In An Effort To Stop Its Usage On The City’s Streets

It looks like the city’s law enforcement is taking a hands-on approach to eradicating NYC’s streets of illegal dirt bikes. According to the New York Post, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton publicized the matter on Twitter (May 18) to show those who frequently ride the bikes in the city that they’re encroaching little by little on their activity.

“We want to send out a very strong message to the nitwits and knuckleheads who insist on operating these illegal vehicles on the streets, sidewalks, parks, and housing developments of the city of New York, creating extraordinary danger not only for themselves but more importantly for the public,” Bratton said.

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The commissioner shared that in 2015, five deaths were a result of the bikes. “They are illegal,” he continued. “They cannot be registered to use anywhere in the city of New York. And thus, they’re now in the junk heap in back of us.”

In a tweet sent out by NYPD News, images displayed showed a pile of bikes and ATVs. “These bikes and riders are a menace & I would, without a doubt, say we CRUSHED it.”

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