According To Reports, Prince Died A Day Before He Was Set To See A Doctor

The recent death of Prince has spurred much speculation among the masses, alluding that the cause of his passing was due to his dependency on painkillers. We won’t know the results from his autopsy for weeks to come, but still the evidence that has surfaced now seems concrete.

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Reportedly, the “Purple Rain” singer was slated to meet with a nationally renowned doctor that specializes in opioid addiction the day after he died, according to the Star Tribune.

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Dr. Howard Kornfield—who owns Recovery Without Walls—received a call from Prince’s reps on April 20th, because the singer was “dealing with a grave medical emergency.” Then, Kornfield sent his son Andrew to Minnesota from California to examine Prince for an initial screening. The plan was for Kornfield to return from California on the 22nd.

Andrew arrived at Prince’s house at 9:30 am, but he and the singer’s team was unable to find him. The Tribune reports that Prince’s body was found in an elevator shortly after, and that it was Kornfield himself who dialed 911.

In addition to this incident, another occurrence presumably revealed the singer’s battle with prescription drugs. The week before he died, he was treated for an overdose of Percocet, which resulted in the emergency landing of his plane in efforts to save his life.

Further details of this case are still pending, as we await and see the real cause of Prince’s death.

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