There Are Few Words To Describe The Racism Packed Into This Detergent Commercial

There have been plenty of foolish, left-field commercials that ill-advisedly made their way from board meetings to the public airwaves, but this new Chinese advert has taken the cake.

A newly surfaced video promoting Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi snaked racism into the fibers of what was intended to be a “humorous” skit. An Asian young woman in the laundry room catches the eye of a black male painter/construction worker working in the house. He makes his admiration known with a wink and a whistle, and she coyly beckons him over. When what seems like her pulling him in for a kiss, she pops a detergent pod into his mouth and shoves him headfirst into the washing machine, sits on it so he can’t come out and waits for the suds to take effect.

Let’s just say that the idyllic, now “clean” man that comes out after the rinse cycle is the total opposite of the race and structure that went in.

The ad, which has been featured both on TV sets and at Wanda Cinemas this month, is actually a revamp of a similarly strange Italian ad on the flip side of the spectrum, where Coloria detergent makes the claim that color is better. See the tomfoolery for yourself.