Racist Trolls Emerge From Obscurity After Old Navy Promotes “Miscegenation”


“Stop pushing mixed marriages it’s offensive,” “this miscegenation junk is rammed down our throats from every direction,” and “is it illegal to show white families?” are just a few of the comments left under Old Navy’s new #ThankYouEvent campaign featuring an interracial family.

Never mind that the Civil Rights Act ended all state and local laws requiring segregation in 1964. And never mind that 2008 brought us the First Black Family in the era of “post racial” America. Racist trolls will continue to gather at hate vineyards so long as people of color… exist.

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The racist vitriol, however ignorant, did give rise to a few laughs. “Literally had to google the word miscegenation,” tweeted Raych. “I’ve never heard it used because I don’t know fuck-tards.”  

Though the greatest thing to transpire was the onslaught of diverse family photos that followed in opposition. “My daughters and I salute Old Navy!” tweeted one Dale Moss, pictured with his two black daughters. Another follower, Sasha Zed, captioned “my family loves Old Navy!!” under a wedding photo with her black hubby and biracial munchkin.

Alas, so much more has to happen for the dismantlement of white supremacy. In the meantime, peep the white tears in a series of woeful tweets (below) and drink up.

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