Raheem Bakaré Takes It To The Street For “Forever You” Visual


Rising R&B star Raheem Bakaré is back with the visual for “Forever You,” which proves that people find love in unexpected places all the time. The song, produced by MJ Nichols, splices older R&B stylings with present-day bass and synths, which perfectly mesh with Bakaré’s dreamy falsetto.

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“The ‘Forever You’ video is a short that follows the narrative of a broken man’s chance of fate,” said Bakaré on the video’s concept. “Dwelling the streets a homeless man takes a turn as he encounters a pocket watch that allows him the ability to loop time. The watch brings him closer to the female that dropped it. Their endearing moments are short lived as she soon finds him distrustful and uses the same watch to send him back to the beginning.”

Check out the video below, and don’t forget to check out his AWOL EP on SoundCloud.

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