Former GS9 Member Given 98 Year Sentence For Attempted Murder Charges

Twenty-four year old Rashid Derissant, former members of GS9, was slapped with a 98 and 1/3 year prison sentence Tuesday, (May 17) for several charges he will serve consecutively. According to reports, Derissant’s gang related charges include attempted murder, murder, assault and conspiracy.

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In February 2013, Derissant gunned down a rival gang member inside a bodega store, and attempted to kill three others in the same incident. Derissant’s violent rap sheet doesn’t end there. In July 2014, he shot an innocent bystander, a 22 year old woman in the neck.

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Bobby Shurmda, real name Ackquille Pollard, who rose to fame for his inescapable street anthem “Hot N—a” will face the same charges in September.