Creators Of The ‘Running Man’ Viral Dance Receive $10,000 Scholarship From Ellen


Creators of the new viral dance “The Running Man Challenge” say the latest Internet sensation came about out pure boredom. Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall were guests on The Ellen Show and said since they were both uninterested in the day’s lesson in Ms. Graham’s financial class, and they just decided to dance.

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However, the newest dance craze took the ‘net by storm after University of Maryland athletes Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley saw the video and performed their own rendition and  hours later, voila! We now have “The Running Man Challenge” which some may view as harmless fun, or a slap in the face to the original late 80s early 90s dance.

“I woke up and these guys—the Maryland basketball players—they did it,” said Vincent.

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Feeling as though they received the short end of the stick, Ellen invited all four men onto her show to prove there are no losers and presented the men with a $10,000 scholarship from Shutterfly.

Check out the video below.