A Virginia Middle School Student Is Being Charged With Larceny Over A Milk Carton?

A middle school student in Prince William County, Va., was recently charged with stealing a carton of milk—he was entitled to—on May 10. The news comes off a bit ridiculous considering the teen, Ryan Turk, is part of the free lunch program at Graham Park Middle School, which means the carton he allegedly stole was free.

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In a report from local Washington news outlet WJLA-TV, Turk explained that he had initially forgot to grab his milk while he was on the lunch line. Therefore, he returned and grabbed the carton. Then suddenly, an on-duty Prince William County police officer blamed the student for stealing the free milk, and then attempted to hold him in custody.

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Turk did admit at trying to get away from the officer, which led the officer to place handcuffs on him. His parents are infuriated with the charges, and are firm in having the accusations dropped along with their son’s return to school. He is facing a larceny charge over a carton of milk worth $0.65.

Further details for this case are still pending. Watch the full news broadcast below.