This Meme Made Shaquille O’Neal Walk Off ‘NBA on TNT’

Very little knocks the smile off of Shaquille O’Neal’s face these days, except for this meme.

Kobe Bryant and Shaq have a pretty extensive and complicated history. Although the two have shared many disagreements on and off the court, it seems that they’ve buried the hatchet after Bryant retired earlier this year. That was until the producers at NBA on TNT decided to open old wounds.

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The hosts on TNT were going through a series of funny memes based on the cover of Drake’s new album VIEWS, when they turned to the infamous image of Shaq hovering over Kobe, which they labelled, “Views from Kobe’s Shoulders.” Shaq immediately got up and jokingly stormed off the show as the rest of the hosts continued to point to other memes of the former NBA player.

The two may have let bygones be bygones a long time ago, but it looks like Shaq wasn’t ready to relive the past quite yet. Check out the hilarious video below.