Show TuFli Flips His Struggle Plates Into 5-Course Meals In “Champagne & Caviar”

New York lyricist Show TuFli knows the struggle of not being able to afford a hot meal every night. In “Champagne & Cavair,” the Harlem native recently channeled his past memories of his rough childhood into the latest record off his EP R.A.W (Righting All Wrongs).

“Back then it was sardines for lunch, I need lobster, grilled shark and such,” raps TuFli. “Parked their trucks in the worst part of my hood, guaranteed n*ggas won’t touch, I’m good.”

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Show overcomes his tough come-up with bars based on his deep perspective of how his life has improved thus far. With Mr. Authentic behind the boards on his latest joint, the rising rapper offers his fans a more in-depth understanding of how he worked to upgrade from struggle plates to the lavish meals he has always wanted.

Listen to “Champagne & Cavair” below.