Twitter Gave Skai Jackson A Round Of Applause For Her Classy Azealia Banks Clapback

Monday, Azealia Banks was at the center of controversy when she vocalized her support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Now, a smooth 24 hours later, (May 10) Ms. Banks seems to have received a taste of her own medicine when she decided to pick a fight with Disney’s Skai Jackson.

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From what we can gather, “The Big Beat” artist’s original gripe was with Zayn Malik, alleging the former One Direction singer plagiarized her work and gave her number away.

Banks repeatedly said unsavory things about Malik on Twitter, but Zayn took the high road.

Getting wind of Banks latest Twitter feud, Disney’s Skai Jackson hopped online to express her opinions on the matter.

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Banks not appreciating Jackson’s remarks took things a little too far, which thus ignited the night’s entertainment.

The war of words went on for sometime, however, Black Twitter was beyond impressed and even proud of Skai Jackson for holding her own against the Harlem emcee.