Skepta Talks ‘Konnichiwa,’ Drake & the U.K. Scene With DJ Semtex

Skepta gives us a deep look into everything floating through his mind in a new interview on BBC Radio. This soul bearing sit-down with DJ Semtex is his first interview since releasing his new album, Konnichiwa, on May 6.

The two chatted for a little under an hour as they covered everything from how his new, critically acclaimed album is a “classic,” creative process behind it and more. They also discussed the internal clashes within the U.K. scene, his relationship with Drake, and the importance of giving kids hope to pursue music rather than staying in the street life.

Konnichiwa to me is a classic because I don’t make music for today where everyone is going to judge what I did in two years, they’re gonna tell me today. It’s been out for a week, I can’t hear that,” he said.

When asked about championing emerging talent and the state of the U.K grime scene, Skepta is highly optimistic about where it is and where it’s going.

“I think it’s in the best place it can ever be. It’s probably going to get better and I hope that I’m just another example that you can do it…That’s what I always wanted,” said the man.

Watch the interview here.