Snoop Dogg & Seth Rogan Light Up Seven Joints During GGN Interview

Seth Rogan enjoyed more than a few joints with Snoop Dogg on Tuesday (May 17) while promoting his latest film, Neighbors 2.

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The comedian who’s film hits theaters May 20, chatted with Snoop about the premise of the sequel which focuses around a sorority lead by Chloe Grace Moretz and Dope star Kiersey Clemons. The session consisted of seven joints and the reveal of where most of the pranks in the movie come from, YouTube.

“We’ll look at things people do to each other and then we’ll put it into the movie,” Rogan says in reference to the infamous airbag prank in the first film. “We use dummies, but it’s hilarious and I’ll be the first to say it.”

Snoop commended Rogan on the writing of the first film and actress Rose Byrne’s clever comedic timing. Rogan assured that the sequel is just as witty with plenty of surprises for fans. “I think it’s just as good as the first one, which is great,” he said.

The two also talked about their love of mushrooms and their disdain for their own neighbors. In the end, the two learn good fences make good neighbors.

Check out the hilarious interview below.

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