Soulja Boy Reportedly Drops Every Artist From His Label, SODMG

Soulja Boy took to Twitter on Monday (May 30) to announce that he has dropped every artist from his label Stacks On Deck Money Gang (SODMG) in an attempt to start anew for 2016.

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“…So thankful for the blessings. And thanks for blessing me to see the snakes and remove them from my life. Needed that,” he wrote in another tweet soon after. No word on who these “snakes” are, but we’re lead to believe that it could be a handful of the artists who were just dropped from the label, because you know, continuity.

One of the former artists, AGoff, posted the below picture, and after retweeting several posts about how he’s better off without Soulja Boy, Soulja retorted with some tweets of his own, which have since been deleted.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.27.28 PM
CREDIT: Twitter

SODMG was created in 2004 and once was the home of Lil B and RiFF RAFF. We’ll see who he signs as time goes on.

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