Amid The Chaos, T.I. Helped One Victim During Deadly Irving Plaza Shooting

Last night, gunshots rang out at New York’s concert venue Irving Plaza, injuring three people—one of whom was scheduled performer Troy Ave—and unfortunately claiming the life of Ave’s affiliate Ronald McPhatter, a.k.a. B$B Banga.

T.I., the headliner scheduled to perform after Ave, Anderson .Paak, Maino, Uncle Murda, PND Rock, 5ive Mics and others, had not yet touched the stage and to our knowledge is unrelated to the shooting. However, in the midst of chaos, the calm and collected father of seven was willing and able to help one of the shooting victims.

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In video footage from Jon John TV, we get a glimpse into the moments before, during and after the shooting. Earlier in the night, T.I. was in his own section vibing to music until the presumed moment gunshots rang off, where the video cuts to T.I. and a host of people crowded in a greenroom at the side of the stage.

After the second gunshot pierced the air, more pandemonium ensues within proximity to the greenroom. As people run, scream and shuffle to get away from the backstage area and T.I. guards the dressing room doorway, his voice can be heard above the noise, saying, “Ayo! Call the ambulance. We got somebody in here. They need some attention, you understand what I’m saying?”

As soon as an officer comes to tend to the young woman who was shot (she is reportedly expected to survive), T.I.’s crew swiftly ushers him out the establishment. Check out the footage here.