Comedy Central Could Care Less That Old People Don’t Find Trevor Noah Funny

Comedian Trevor Noah is showing his strong points on The Daily Show while covering the current election and calling out the many blunders in media and the government. His outlook isn’t shared by previous fans and quite frankly, Comedy Central doesn’t give a f**k.

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In an interview with The New York Daily NewsComedy Central president Kent Alterman says Noah’s brand of comedy is a hit with the younger audience and thrives in the digital space. “The truth is our network is a business and our core audience are millennials,” Alterman said. “And millennials are paying attention to us.”

Noah’s Nielsen numbers are 40 percent lower than Jon Stewart’s, but viewers are watching his show–not just segments–online. The Daily Show is reportedly the most watched of all late night shows in the target 18-34 years old audience. Alterman also suggested critics not to bash Noah’s first nine months in the hosting chair.

The comedian has found himself in a few beefs, including Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for her flat interview with Donald Trump. He also called out CBS for championing for the coverage of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the segment, “How the F— We Got Here.”

On the upside, he’s gained legendary co-signs from Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Larry David. He recently was praised by actress and activist Laverne Cox for his stance on the controversial transgender bathroom debate.

Looks like Noah is here to stay. Check out some previous episodes of The Daily Show here.

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