Willow Smith Delivers A Michael Cera-Produced Track, “TwentyFortyEight 2.0″

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Willow Smith may gave taken a quick break from music to focus on her countless gigs on television and in fashion, but she’s back with another studio recording. The 15-year-old singer recently delivered her whimsical track, “twentyfortteight 2.0,” and it definitely a Willow-esque sound to it.

Following the release of her song, “Susside,” Willow dropped the soft-spoken track. It was in collaboration with Superbad actor, Michael Cera, who produced the beat.

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In true Willow fashion, she poetically addresses her audience as a faint choir sings in the background. “I am kinda seeing a yellowish hue, um, the shape is kinda nebulous. um, it’s warm. It definitely encompasses me and all that is,” she says softly. “And it feels like it’s trying to tell me something. Maybe the pain we’ve brought upon our brother and sisters and that we’ve brought upon ourselves isn’t true to who you really are. “

Listen to “twentyfortyeight 2.0″ below.

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