10 Thoughts You Probably Have Every Time You Hear Frank Ocean’s Album Is About To Drop


Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Frank Ocean.

There always seems to be a new rumor of when Frank Ocean will be dropping his next studio album. Fans have been craving more music since Channel Orange’s release in 2012. There was a strong buzz that our less-than-patient pining would be over last July. But once again, we are disappointed. It has been an emotional roller coaster for sure, and as rumors surface once again about the “Novacane” singer potentially dropping his album today, fans aren’t sure what to do. Like us, you’ve developed trust issues. It’s understandable.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse has been bursting with reactions, thanks to one account. Some reactions are hopeful, some are pessimistic, while others are seeking emotional support.

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One fan became philosophical:

Many maintained their skepticism:

Threats ensued:

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And no one wants to play themselves:

While many are just over it:

And some are thinking of the emotional and physical state of others:

Do you believe the hype?

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