15-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Friends Post Nude Video Of Her On Snapchat


The family of 15-year-old Tovonna Holton is in mourning after she committed suicide Sunday afternoon. (June 5)

According to reports, Tovonna’s friends took a Snapchat video of her while she was in the shower and posted it to the app. Things spiraled as others who saw the Snap began to take screenshots and send them around the Internet. Her mother could sense something was wrong mere hours after it had been posted.

“Tovonna would say, ‘Mommy, I owe them; I owe them’. I said, ‘What do you mean you owe them?’ I couldn’t understand what was wrong,’” Levon Holton-Teamer, Tovonna’s mom, said during an interview with a local Tampa, Fl news station.

Not long after her friends shared the video, it’s reported Tovonna’s ex-boyfriend whom she was fighting with the night before, posted the video to his Twitter. It was not long after this Tovonna locked herself in her home bathroom and shot herself in the head.

Holton was just finishing her freshman year at Wiregrass Ranch High School.

Friends and family have taken to social media to not only ask for justice in regards to the people who were bullying Tovonna, but also to bring awareness to the epidemic of cyberbullying using the hashtag #StopBullying.

No arrests have been made as the story continues to be investigated by authorities.