Police Reportedly Believe A 2016 Version Of ‘The Bling Ring’ Is Robbing Celebs


Police are having a case of déjà vu after a batch of celebrity robberies has rang a similar tune to the infamous reign of The Bling Ring from 2008.

According to TMZpolice believe the current robberies of Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Blac Chyna and Scott Disick may be connected to a new version of The Bling Ring. Between 2008 and 2009, a group of privileged teens robbed Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other notable celebs of millions of dollars worth of clothes and accessories. The teens would track the whereabouts of the celebs and plan out the robberies by finding maps online.

In 2013, the story was turned into a film called The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson.

With the new robberies, the same type of goods were stolen. Hart was recently robbed of nearly $500,000 of items. The comedian recently joked about his loss with Steve Harvey, The Washington Post reports. “They took so much stupid stuff, the stupid stuff made me mad. They took a pair of my jeans!” he said. “You took a pair of my jeans. Ain’t nobody going to fit these jeans. I’m on the streets looking, waiting for somebody to sell me these jeans.”

Blac Chyna’s home was also robbed of $200,000 of cash from her safe. In July 2015, Chris Brown’s home was also targeted by three armed men. The singer believed a member of his inner circle committed the crime.

So far, there are no suspects in the crimes. The L.A. County Sherriff has been working with the LAPD’s Hollywood sector to monitor popular homes to the stars.

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