50 Cent Arrested For Using Foul Language During St. Kitts Performance

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Apparently having a potty mouth is not okay when you’re in the Caribbean. 50 Cent learned the hard way, after the rapper was arrested for saying mother***er while he performed before a crowd in St. Kitts.

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50 was reportedly warned of the island’s strict profanity laws prior to hitting the stage in front of 40,000 people, according to TMZ. But he may have gotten lost in the heat of the moment. During the rapper’s set, the DJ forgot to play the clean versions of his songs, and 50, so overwhelmed by the hype, didn’t pull away from his mic, roaring the word, motherf***er into the packed crowd. And then he was arrested.

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According to authorities, the swear word is illegal in the Caribbean. But he did get to finish his performance before police arrived to the venue to book the rapper for using profanity in public. Ultimately, 50 wasn’t hit too hard. He received a minor offense and was ordered to stick around until Monday, June 27, where he’ll have to appear in court to pay a fine. We’re sure he’s not taking the news pretty hard, as this is a common offense made by many others, including DMX during his show in 2003. This will probably teach others to think twice before using a potty mouth in public next time.

Check out a clip from 50 Cent’s show in the Caribbean below.

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