Alabama Teenager Fatally Shot After Police Officer Allegedly Mistook Cellphone For A Gun


Residents in Mobile, Ala. are looking for answers to a shooting that resulted in the death of 19-year-old by a police officer.

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According to Fox 10the incident happened on Monday (June 13,) when Michael Moore was pulled over for a routine traffic violation. Moore, who didn’t have a driver’s licence, was asked to step out the car by an unidentified Mobile police officer. Reports begin conflict at this point. While statements from the Mobile Police Department claim the teen had a pistol in his waistband, witnesses state the teen had a cell phone in his hand when speaking to the officer.

Shortly after stepping out of the car, Moore was reportedly shot four times. He was later pronounced dead at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson released a statement regarding the incident, assuring that an investigation would be launched. “We have called upon the FBI to run a parallel investigation with the MPD. I have complete confidence that the investigation will reveal the facts,” he said. “I expect that this process will be as transparent as is legally possible. We ask for prayer and patience until the full facts are revealed.”

Mobile Police Chief James Barber stated a cell phone and a semi-automatic handgun were recovered at the scene. Police also plans to talk to the two people that were in the car with Moore and the two other witnesses. Separate witnesses posted videos and their own personal accounts of the shooting on social media.

Moore was a budding community activist and planned to attend the U.S. Air Force after graduation. Additional reports claim the family members of Moore demanded justice during a Mobile City Council on Tuesday (June 14.) Community resident Timothy Hollis questioned the tactics of the police during the incident. “It hurts me when a child, somebody who hasn’t even experienced life yet, don’t get that chance,” Hollis said. “It’s one thing when the drug game takes them out. It’s one thing when the enemy across the street takes them, but when we’ve got our people that are supposed to protect and serve us, taking them out because they saw a gun, it’s a problem.”

Public Affairs Officer Charlette Solis explained the officer was not wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. “We’re checking on that because the officer was on his way to work and wasn’t on duty yet at the time,” Solis said.

As of now, the officer has been placed on administrative duty.

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