Let Me In: Alicia Keys Releases Powerful Short Film For World Refugee Day


Alicia Keys is no stranger to using her star power for the greater good for the world. The “Girl On Fire” singer has done everything from co-founder and global ambassador for the “Keep A Child Alive” campaign to her recent effort of reclaiming natural beauty with the #NoMakeUp revolution. So it’s no surprise that the award winning musician has decided to speak up in honor of World Refugee Day.

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As a part of the We Are Here movement, which is designed to “manifest a world community built on true equality,” Alicia released a short film titled Let Me In in order to make a bold statement on refugeeism. Only this time, the refugees are Americans.

The short film opens with the songstress portraying the role of Zara, the mother of two young children, as they all sit around the table for breakfast in their Los Angeles home. The family’s morning is quickly interrupted when Zara notices the breaking news of ‘Bombings Across Southern California.’ There’s only seconds between Zara instructing her nervous daughter to breathe and a bomb falling from the sky before exploding in front of their home. This scene proves to be the perfect catalyst to share a powerful message.

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Towards the end of the 12-minute clip, the statement “We demand the government acts with love” appears on the screen in an effort to entice change in a country where the topic of immigration is emphatically discussed with minimal progress. In regards to this issue, John Olinger, the director of the film, stated, “I hope the film leaves people asking the simple question: What if it was us? And that it ultimately blurs the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’ — as we are all human.”

In conjunction with the intense storyline, the film features a compelling new track from Keys entitled “Hallelujah,” which further echoes the sentiments of the film. The song is said to be off of her upcoming album to be released later this summer.

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To stand with those forced to flee conflict and disaster, sign the pledge here or text ‘LET ME IN’ to 80077.