Is This The New Look For Apple’s Reported iPhone 7?

Consumers continuously look ahead, speculating and anticipating what Apple’s new release will be. The mega-company hasn’t revealed its new design for the iPhone 7, but pictures have leaked showing the phone’s prototypes.

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Here are a few predictions analysts have made based on leaked pictures of the iPhone 7:

No More Headphone Jack

Apple might have created a new invention, and made headphones a thing of the past. The iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack. Consumers will have to listen to music through Bluetooth settings and lightning connections. Those who plan on purchasing the new version of the phone will have to use wireless headphones for all audio usage on the phone.

New Color: Deep Blue

Apple began its feature of new colorways for the phone with the iPhone 6. What once began in only aluminum and black was upgraded to gold, silver, rose gold, and space gray. It’s now said that Apple is getting rid of the space gray and replacing it with a deep blue.

Apple Cuts “Plus” for “Pro”
The iPhone 7 will no longer include the Plus model. Apple will now have the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Pro, which will be the same size.

Dual Lens Camera

Looking for better quality photos taken on your cellphone? The iPhone 7 dual camera system will provide better, SLR quality photos and give the effect of 3D images.

Disposal of the 16GB iPhone
Tired of having to delete content in your phone because you have no more storage space? Rumors suggest the 16GB option will be discontinued, starting at 32GB.

No More Home Button

Pictures circulating show the iPhone 7 will not have a home button at the bottom of the screen. Analysts suggest the button will be replaced with an on-screen touch button

Although Apple made several announcements during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), yesterday (June 13), they did not reveal any insider information about the iPhone 7.

For fanatics looking to purchase the iPhone 7, Apple will premiere the new product on September 7th.

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