Ayesha Curry On Roni Rose: “Leave Her Alone…Stop Judging”


The Internet had a field day, flooding feeds and timelines with rumors and allegations that Steph Curry was keeping a little something on the side after a model by the name of Roni Rose was spotted making some pretty questionable gestures in the Warriors’ star’s direction. But Ayesha Curry, the leading lady in Steph’s life, suggests that it’s time to let that rumor go.

Lately, the only topic more important than the actual score of the NBA Finals game seems to be Roni Rose, and after the model appeared to be at Game 4 with a better seats than 27 year old Mrs. Curry, the rumor mill continued to turn. Until now, Ayesha had been mum about the alleged scandal, but chose to speak out in two tweets, blasting critics.

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The mom of two  slammed a fan after they said she was  “petty” for throwing two Cavaliers shirts to the court side seats. “Yes, as I give the shirts to my family who live here in Cleveland…. You should write a relevant story. Ha,” she clapped back.

Her retort caused gossip site, Bossip to hop into the discussion. “The relevant story is, did you pull up on the strong jaw jawn like this? *@cthagod voice*,” the site’s official Twitter page tweeted.

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“What I think is you need to leave her alone. They’ve been supporting the dubs for a long time. Stop judging. It’s irrelevant,” Ayesha responded.

So there you have it. Ayesha isn’t here for the rumors, the gossip, or the judging; leave her out of it, and Roni Rose too. That wasn’t an exact response to those cheating allegations, but it’s clear that Ayesha isn’t believing them, and neither should anybody else.

Check out Ayesha’s clap backs below.