Here’s Why Beanie Sigel Thinks Today’s Rappers Can’t Touch Biggie And Tupac

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The music that Beanie Sigel opts for isn’t what’s climbing the charts today. “To me, it’s no feeling in it,” the Philly rapper said of the current hip hop scene. “I wanna hear ‘What’s Beef.’ I wanna hear ‘All Eyez On Me.’ I wanna hear ‘Smile’ with Scarface, Pac on the joint,” he continued.

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According to the “Top Shotta,” watered down lyrical content stands in the way of today’s rappers reaching the legendary status of hip hop’s greatest.

“Put it like this, two of the best that ever done it, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. They both died in they early twenties. So, you look at the rappers that’s out now, and the content of the music that they talking about that’s in they twenties…No disrespect to nobody, and I ain’t gonna name no names, but if the shoe fit, wear it.”

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As for what sets Sigel apart from the rest, the rapper criticizes the lack of authenticity in hip hop today that he factors into his music. “A lot of these rappers, they talk about stuff that they never been through. I been through it.”

Now that the veteran is back in the studio, we’ll see how he aims to get back to what’s missing with his upcoming releases.

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