Yeah…No…Beyonce’s “Love Drought” Isn’t About Jay Z


Beyonce’s “Love Drought,” a ballad perceived by many to be a confessional about the woes experienced between her and husband Jay Z isn’t what we thought it was. According to the song’s co-writer, “Love Drought” is about her frustrations with Queen Bey’s Parkwood Entertainment label. Who knew?

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Ingrid Burley, a co-writer on Beyoncè’s Lemonade, sat with Genius to discuss the details of the emotional record and it’s true meaning. The fellow Houston native was recently signed to the label and was told Queen Bey wasn’t listening to any new music. Four days later while at a writing camp, an A&R revealed Bey actually had been listening to new music for a new project, which made Burley–who earns her bread and butter from the songs she pens–upset.

“As I was looping this beat, I couldn’t get out of my head the fact that they just lied to me.” Burley said during the interview.

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As the interview continues, Burley breaks down a few lines from the track and says the push and pull fans may feel listening to the song is really a reflection of her relationship with music and the industry on a whole. Beyonce, who knows Burley personally from Houston, wasn’t aware of the song’s true meaning.

Welp! Guess she knows now. Watch the full video below: