Birdman Puts Some Serious ‘Respek’ On Troubled Youth


In April, Birdman took his newly popular phrase “Put Some Respek On My Name” and turned it into a fashion line, complete with hoodies, shirts and fitted caps that demand “respek.” In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Baby says he’s made “a couple hundred thousand” from the line, and he’s been spreading the wealth in an important way.

“I grew up in a boys’ home, four/five years of my life as a youngster, and I donated all the profits to boys’ homes throughout the country,” Birdman said.

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Birdman has always been candid about “growing up in the streets” without parents and feels the need to give back to his roots. The “Pop Bottles” rapper also said that he plans to do something of impact with any future profits from the “respek” line.

Watch the full interview below:

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