Birdman Insists He Sleeps On A Bed Of $1 Million Hard Cash

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Birdman is far from being done. In fact, he’s just getting started. The Cash Money mogul joined ESPN’s Highly Questionable, and to say the least, his interview on the show definitely fit the title.

When host Dan Le Batard asked Birdman if he had a million dollars, the CM exec not only admitted to having that much money, but also insisted that he sleeps on the large stack every night.

“I still sleep on a million dollars cash. That’s just a fatuation for me in life. I do that and I’mma do that until I die,” he revealed. And in case you were too caught up in a burst of laughter, the “Respek” rapper wants to clarify that this assertion isn’t an exaggeration as the HQ hosts suggested; he means hard cash. “Imma do that till I die,” he continued. “I got a million dollars under my mattress, under my sheets. I feel the need to do that. I’m fortunate to be blessed to be able to do that and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bed spread on top.”

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Judging by the fact that Birdman is still facing legal issues against the many suits from his Cash Money family, we aren’t sure how much longer his mattress will be stacked with Benjamins. So he might want to switch to the tempurpedic pretty soon. Check out Birdman’s full interview on Highly Questionable below.