British Teens Arrested For Calling Latino Army Vet ‘A Dirty Little Immigrant’


Residents in Manchester believe the recent Brexit vote has exposed the ugly in the United Kingdom with reported racist attacks happening around the country. One incident has lead to an arrest of three people after they were seen making verbal threats to a UK resident.

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According to The Telegraph, the incident happened early Tuesday morning (June 28) on a train in Manchester. Video recorded from a passenger shows the teens along with a 20-year-old man drunkenly spewing threats towards Juan Jasso, a Texas army veteran who has lived in the UK for 18 years. The suspects were reportedly swearing in front of children when Jasso asked them to stop.

They went on to call Jasso a “dirty little immigrant” and to “get back to Africa.”  “F**k get off the tram now. Don’t chat s**t or get deported,” one teen said as they threw beer on him.

After police asked the public fro help, the group was arrested and charged with suspicion of affray. Jasso talked to reporters about the incident and the EU referendum.

“I think there was an undertone there before this Brexit and the voting within the referendum, but I think the result maybe has pushed people to somehow justify now that they think it’s ok now to act out in this way, which obviously it’s not,” Jasso said. “He added: “It hasn’t affected me in any way, shape or form because I have a little girl here now and I now consider this my home.”

He also thanked his supporters on Twitter after he was applauded for his resilience in the racist attack.

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