A Bronx Teen Was Fatally Stabbed After Giving A Homeless Man $2


One act of generosity turned fatal for a good samaritan.

According to the New York Daily News, Carl Ducasse was fatally stabbed in his chest by an unidentified suspect after offering a homeless man $2. The suspect is still at large.

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The stabbing occurred on East 175th St. and Walton Ave. on a late Friday evening (June 17) when Ducasse, 17, and his friend was approached by a homeless person asking for money. But while an argument erupted, a second man neared Ducasse and stabbed the teenager. He was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, but medical officials couldn’t save him. “The homeless guy wanted more,” said Angela Ducasse, the teen’s mother. “He died because of $2. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

She later stated that her son was “a regular teenager,” and had aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Ducasse was slated to graduate from high school this month. “He was never a kid of the streets,” she said.

An investigation and search for the assailant is still ongoing.