A Cleveland Cavaliers’ Fan Loses Job After Calling Riley Curry A F—-t


Wednesday (June 8), Stephen Curry’s sister Sydel tweeted she was on her way to Cleveland when an overzealous Cleveland Cavalier fan became aggressive.


The fan, whose Twitter account has since been deleted, tweeted back “You and your whole family get the f**k out of Cleveland and take Riley’s f—-t a** with you.” Sydel kept a cool head throughout the whole ordeal and told the twitter user they’d be gone by Friday.

Catching wind of the conversation, one Twitter user, @cheryll, took it a step further and found out where the fan worked after a Warrior’s fan page retweeted her:

This is where the power of the Internet took over. After learning of the derogatory language used to describe the precocious 3 year old, the real estate company Holton Wise Property Group, tweeted the Cavs’ fan had been terminated.

Who knows what inspired such a negative Tweet, but it’s clear be mindful of your “twitter fingers” on and off the clock as you may find yourself in the unemployment line.