Chance The Rapper Continues To Kill His Late Night Performances


Chance the Rapper can claim to be six for six on his late night performances after absolutely owning the stage on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (June 7). The Chicago rapper joined EDM-gawd Skrillex and the electronic group Hundred Waters to perform the remix to “Show Me Love.”

Although the track is originally a Hundred Waters song, Chance and Skrillex dropped in to create a powerful remix. Chano showcases amazing chemistry with the lead singer of Hundred Waters, Nicole Miglis, and lays down some serious rhymes on this catchy dance track.

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Earlier in the show, Chance and Skrillex popped up onstage during Colbert’s opening monologue to do a segment that the host likes to call “monologue remix.” Chance put his freestyle skills on front street by thinking of rhymes, on the spot, that made reference to Colbert’s jokes while Skrillex made beats on his iPhone — and acted as the perfect hype man.

Watch both performances below: