Charlie Sheen Champions Safe Sex In Sobering Condom Ad


American actor Charlie Sheen made headlines last November when he publicly revealed that he was HIV positive. Today Sheen is the new face of Hex condoms, a new condom – reportedly thinner and more flexible than usual brands – by the Swedish company, Lelo.

Using his HIV-positive diagnosis to shed light, Sheen is seen in the new condom commercial telling his story while promoting safe sex.

“I think people associate the word condom with less pleasure, with less connection,” he says in the ad. “What feels like five seconds of inconvenience can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering.”

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“A lot has to do with that fantasy belief that it could never happened to them,” he added, “and that’s something that I could speak to, I pretty much felt the same way.”

After his public announcement, Sheen found a sense of relief in the “dialogues that started taking place” and the “people coming out of the shadow and walking through the fear.”

“I don’t know why it hasn’t happened but the condom has not changed for 70 years, until right now,” Sheen went on. “I sincerely believe I can truly support Lelo Hex and influence the use of them through my experiences in my life.”

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Many people voiced their support for the 50-year-old veteran actor through Twitter after watching the ad.

“People still wanna be like me or experience my life, but there’s a little detail that they want no part of ,” he said chuckling. “So they can avoid that by using this.”

Pretty cool, right?