Chris Brown Had A Little Fun With Amsterdam Police After Dirt Bike Mishap


Chris Brown learned two things in Amsterdam on Friday (June 10): dirt bikes require tags no matter what and international cops are pleasant people.

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Before his show Saturday evening at the Ziggo dome, the singer decided to roll around the country with his pals on some pretty sleek-looking dirt bikes. Little did he know, his joy ride would end early.

Just a short time later, the singer informed his 27 million followers on Instagram about his new hangout–the police station. “We’re in the police station,” the singer said. “We gotta pay this damn fine. Man, didn’t have no tags. Bike life.”

“Public service announcement, kids. Do not ride motor vehicles without license plates,” he added in another video. “Sorry, we just bought the bikes. Forgot about the license plate. Yeah. So. We’re handling the situation as is. But the police are really nice about it, man. I actually like the police out here. They’re cool as s–t. For real.”

At least he was able to have some fun throughout the situation. He even posed with the cops with a very cheesy smile.

The singer is currently on the international leg of his “One Hell of a Night” tour. During his performances, he’s managed to squeeze in some time praising his daughter Royalty and cleverly roasting the artist formerly known as Kevin McCall.

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